Wedding Cakes Explained

my wedding cake(white)

Since it’s the beginning of the year, I decided to make a post for all bride or groom to be about Wedding Cakes. What else?? Heheh.. It’s just some tips for you guys to get you all excited about your big day!!

I know wedding cake is not in your no. 1 to do list for your wedding. In fact, it may not even be on the list or be last on the list. But whyyyyy?? Hahaha.. Well, I always thought a wedding wouldn’t be complete without a cake, be it real or fake. A celebration or event without a cake/desserts is like a birthday without the happy – something missing.

Moving onnn, I’m kinda seeing more couples embracing simplicity and it makes me really happy. Because I am all about the simplicity. I believe that the ‘cleaner’ the cakes look, the more character it has. Truthfully, the simpler the cake, the more challenging it is for me.

Hence, I’m here to help you bride-to-be and/or groom-to-be to pick some designs that you might like for your big day. Here are some links to some of my favourite cake decorators:-

1)  If you like floral designs with some chic vintage to it, you might like:-

2)  If you’re more into pastels, clean and tall cakes, try:-

3)   If you are into grand looking cakes, look at

4)   How about modern contemporary:-

5)   Websites with wedding resources:-

Actually the lists are never-ending. There are so many talented cake decorators out there! Of course you can always Google images on your wedding theme and I’m pretty sure you can find a cake picture there. My other best source for cake designs and inspirations is also Pinterest. Like I said before and I will say it again, Pinterest is the best thing that happened to me! I’m just sad that I knew it only after my wedding. Booo Hooo~ So you can check out my Pinterest for some of the cake designs that I love!!

Now here’s the more technical part of wedding cakes that might be of good use to you. My objective of this post  is for you (non-bakers/non cake decorators/curious people) to get the main idea of how a wedding cake works. 🙂 It will not be detailed in explaining every step and medium(s) I use.


Tiers are basically a number of layers of the cake that you see outside. Why I say outside?  It’s because I make one tier with 3 layers of cake with filling in between. This will be explained in my other posts.

Well, there’s different type of style for wedding cake.. It can be stacked cakes and  tiered cake. Stacked cakes are more common nowadays as it looks more modern. Stacked just means that tiers is on top of each other. Tiered seems more old fashion as traditionally it uses those pillar type of columns to hold cakes. However, we can always make tiered cakes look modern now with the different types of pillars used. It does not need to be stacked using those traditional columns, styrofoams decorated with ribbons or flowers are the alternatives. Tiered is usually chosen to make the cake higher and hence, “grander”.tier diff

Stacked cake:
Globe pillar cake:

A standard one tier is 4” or 3” in height. Heights can also be mixed and match to make it look unique and contemporary.

If you’re wondering how do we actually stack the cakes or tier the cakes. It is the magic of dowels. Cakes cannot be stacked on top of each other without any support. If it is possible without dowels, then the cake must be one hell of a stiff, hard cake or it’s not a cake. The diagram should give you an idea how the dowels work. Click on the picture to see a bigger, clearer image. I hope you can try visualising it, I’m not good at drawing it.
Cake Tier

Dowels can be wooden dowels or plastic dowels. However, it’s not just any plastic or wood you can find at any stores. I usually make sure that all the materials and dowels I use on the cake are food safe (not edible but safe to be touching food which will be consume). We, bakers and cake decorators are resourceful people. It’s amazing how we always find alternative materials to use. Nowadays, we also use bubble tea straws to use as dowels provided that it is the good quality sturdy ones. At least, you should be assured that straws are definitely food safe!

These dowels are placed through the cake and support the cake board holding the cake on top. The same procedure will continue depending on how many tiers your cake is. Dowels are not edible! Hence, make sure your cake supplier educate you or your bridesmaid or whoever is in charge of cake on that day, on what type of dowels and how many so as to remove it before serving.

That’s quite a lot to take in for now. I will continue with Decorations on Wedding Cakes Explained Part II next week! Stay tuned!

Happy Always,

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